Made it and figuring things out!!


Snapped this pic from the cab shortly after leaving the air port!!  What a beautiful city!!  Can’t wait to do the walking tour tomorrow night!

Well here I am!!  Made it with a smooth flight from Bangor to DC.  Was able to quickly get my bag and hailed a cab and headed to my hotel.  I had a really great cab driver. He is from Pakistan.  We got to talking and I told him I was here to study at the Holocaust Museum.  He told me that his mother was a German Jew whose family escaped from Germany during the Holocaust.  You just never know who you are going to meet and what connections you are going to make.  He was very interesting in my Fellowship and we had a lovely ride to my hotel.The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum is putting us up at the Kimpton Topaz Hotel in Dupont Circle.  It’s a beautiful place and it is in a really nice area of the city.  I have a room mate – but she is not here yet.  So – I put my stuff on the bed closest to the window unpacked a few things and then hit the streets.


My super friendly and kind cab driver.  He quizzed me on American history and shared some stories about his family.  Great guy!  He told me to tell my hubby that he is a lucky man!!

The first thing I wanted to do was head to a grocery store and get some things that I could take with me daily to my conference.  The Museum is providing a continental breakfast and lunch daily.  I am not sure that they will have options that I know will satisfy my needs.  I am sure it will be fine – but I want to make sure that I am prepared.  If there is a possibility of being over-prepared  – that’s totally me.  So I found my way over to the Whole Foods and spent all my money on some staples!  I got peanut and almond butter, goat cheese, a couple bags of lettuce, crackers, my fav Siggi’s yogurt, salad dressing, and cold brew.  Although I could go to Starbucks everyday – I like to make my own ice coffees!!  I also picked up some of my favorite creamer.  I went next door to CVS and got some pouches of tuna.  I packed in my suit case – my protein, and PBFit.  I also brought my trail mix and my protein cookies!!  I feel pretty good about being prepared!

I treated myself to a Starbucks coffee drink.  I realized once I was there that I did not have lunch.  I was on the plane and then rushed around to get what I needed and sort of forgot about it.  At Starbucks, I made myself a snack with the items I purchased at the Whole Foods.  Had a Siggi’s, nuts, and a scoop of peanut butter.  Not a super protein packed lunch – but something to keep me going until I figure out what to have for dinner.  Also – the people watching at the Starbucks was amazing!  I really love where I live – but I also really miss a city.  There is nothing like it!


Grabbed some Kahuna Trail Mix at WholeFoods.  This mix has macadam nuts, ginger pieces, craisins, and almonds.  It’s a good mix and lower in carbs than some of their other choices.  Some natural peanut butter and a Siggi’s…Oh and the COFFEE gave me LIFE!

I made it back to the hotel after my adventure and unpacked some things and started thinking about a late dinner.  At around 7pm I ventured out again and ended up back in the same neighborhood where the WholeFoods was.  I went up a couple blocks and checked things out and figured out that I’m in a really cool and hip part of town.  It’s very diverse and there are many options.  I decided to get a table at the Logan Tavern .  There was a forty five minute wait for a table outside…so I went a head and treated myself to a pedicure at the place across the street!!  #treatyoself

While getting my toes done – I received a call from my kids!  I was so excited to hear from them.  Unfortunately shortly before called my daughter stepped on a sharp rock and cut her foot.  So, she was pretty much unconsolable and just weeping.  My poor baby!  Add that to a very long day for them…and it wasn’t the best phone call I’ve ever received.  My mother-in-law assured me that everything was OK and soon after I received a beautiful picture of a note that my daughter wrote me….I was also assured that she was giggling!!  A good sign!  While also getting my toes done – my roommate for the week phoned me.  She was able to join me for dinner!  We had a lovely first meeting and a great meal.  Her name is Laura and she is from Colorado.  She teaches both Social Studies and English and it was nice to finally meet her.  We’ve shared a couple emails back and forth since finding out we were paired together.


I had the crispy chicken pailard – which is a pan fried chicken breast with yummy goat cheese up on top.  It originally came with cheesy grits – which I opted out of.  I got a side salad instead.  SO YUMMY

After dinner I found a frozen yogurt place.  You all know, by now, that my weakness if frozen tangy yogurt.  I felt like I hit the jackpot by finding a place wicked close to the hotel!!  #winning


5oz of Tangy Frozen Yogurt with a bit of wheat germ and a drop of honey!!  This place was super cute it was called Mr. Yogato.  

Tomorrow starts the programing for my Fellowship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.  My roommate and I decided to set the alarm for 530am and hit the pavement for a quick run.  We have to be at the Museum by 9am.  I am so looking forward to starting this program.  The city is awesome but my purpose for being here outweighs the glitz and glam.

That’s all I have for tonight folks…check in tomorrow!!  Good night from our Nation’s Capital!


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