Summer Lovin….

Well – school is officially OUT for the summer.  My Sassy Girl finished up this past SATURDAY (that is literally the WORST) and we wrapped up this pass Friday with a professional development day.  My baby boy is always on vacation so he is just going with the flow!  Even though the grades are in and the daily grind has changed bit – it still seems like school is at session right now for Team Terrill!  My hubby is hosting a week long basketball camp at school.  I am, of course, the “camp assistant.”  I’m pretty sure this is a made up title for the person who handles the registrations, counting money, and giving out band aids!  The constant pitter patter of basketballs and squeaky sneakers on the gym floor – means that there is one more week of responsibility until I can totally just relax.  Well…to be honest – I never relax, but I guess this is the closest to relaxing that I will get!


Basketball camp runs pretty much all day from 8am to 4pm.  The morning session is the little kiddos…and in the afternoon…bigger kiddos.  We had over 100 kids this year!!

One thing that I really like about my job teaching is that it comes with a built in schedule.  This makes routine welcome and encouraged.  This is not to say that teaching is the same every day – it CERTAINLY is NOT!  However, I do like that I have certain times of the day when I know I can fill my water bottle, take a few extra steps, and know when I’m going to have my lunch.  The schedule helps me to stay on task and I know how much food, coffee, etc that I need to pack to get through the day.  When school is out – I get a little bit nervous at the start.  I have to, sort of, create my own schedule and see about making it work!

The nice thing about school being out is that I can eat at what I consider to be normal times.  On a school day – I am having my smoothie on my way to work – about 715am.  We have lunch at 11am.  I have a coffee and 1 and a half jars of water in between my breakfast and lunch.  This seems to hold me over pretty well.  In the summer – I can get up, do my run, and come back to have breakfast most likely between 8 and 9am.  Lunch can be anywhere between 1230 and 130pm and I am still comfortable!  My hubby’s schedule is a little crazy in the evenings during the summer with basketball and football summer obligations….so dinner can be anywhere between 530pm and 7pm!

Speaking of meals – during the summer I tend to get out of my rut of eating the same things, every. single. day.  I have no problem eating the same lunch every day – I really don’t.  In fact I find it easy and a connivence to do so.  I pack all the lunches for the family every night and easy is the best way to go!!  I ate a pouch of tuna on a bed of lettuce with a little bit of goat cheese, balsamic based dressing, and a hearty cracker for lunch pretty much all school year.  I have some more time in the summer to try different recipies and get creative.  Some nights, when it is just me and the kids – I don’t want to cook a full meal for everyone.  I make them something quick – mac and cheese or healthier nuggets and I make myself something different.  The other night I made myself a grilled salmon salad with goat cheese and walnuts with a honey mustard dressing.  It was a perfect single serving and I had left overs for the next days lunch.  I cooked the salmon on the oven in a foil packet and in about twenty minutes I had the perfect dinner for me!  Of course Griffy had to help me – he LOVES Salmon and I’m happy to share.


Yummy Salmon, goat cheese, and walnut salad.  I really like to use mixed greens that include kale and spinach.  I put a honey mustard and rosemary sauce on the fish and used that to also dress my salad with.

We do a lot of grilling over the summer months.  It it is nice outside – we like to spend as much time as possible out doors. My hubby is sort of a grill master.  When it’s really warm out I hate to fire up the oven so grilling is a great option.  We do lots of chicken, steak, and pork.  I am not really one for chopped red meat – so I stay away from hamburgers.  I can do turkey burgers though.  Also – the last time I ate a hot dog I got SO SICK that I have never had another – that was about 3 years ago when I was prego.  Since surgery I can not really do a lot of sausage – I think that it is too fatty for me.  I really like to experiment with different marinades and dishes that are grill centered.  It’s so easy to come home and throw something on while you are getting other stuff done.  Also – it’s so protein centered that it’s a great option for me.  I can typically throw whatever we are grilling up on some salad and be totally satisfied.  Also – really – nothing is better in the summer than grilled veggies.  Holy Cow – I realize when I have my first round of grilled zukes, tomatoes, and asparagus – that I’ve missed it so much over the long cold winter.  Just a little dribble of olive oil and a dash of salt and pepper and you are ready to rock and roll!!

This may sound weird – but this summer I am going to experiment more with eggs!  I really don’t eat a lot of eggs right now.  Every once and awhile I have a craving for a gooey drippy egg.  I really want to get into hard boiled eggs as snacks during the day – because they are so simple and such a good source of high protein.  I mentioned that I am headed to DC in July I thought hard boiled eggs would be a good thing to have in my hotel room in case I need a quick snack.  My roommate might not be into the smell – but you can buy eggs already boiled and I can simply stash them in my hotel fridge.  I also found this awesome web site with some hard boiled egg recipe ideas!  I can’t wait to try the Buffalo Deviled Eggs as well as the Guacamole Deviled Eggs – I will sub plain greek yogurt instead of mayo.  Here is the link – in case you are interested in trying some out too!!

One thing that I am totally looking forward over the course of the summer is getting my runs in.  I am really looking forward to pushing myself and seeing how far I can go this summer – in terms of miles!  Since this was technically the first week of of summer – I started keeping track of my daily miles.  I came to the basketball camp in the mornings and got everything set up and then took a little “me time” out on the road or on the trails.


This is the most accurate description of what running is for me.  #1 – it’s FOR ME – my time and #2 ALL OF THE ABOVE!!!

This summer I am setting  goal to run between 10 and 12 miles a week.  I am also making it a goal to take a rest day and listen to my body.  I want to push myself but at the same time I do not want to injure myself and be out of commission.  This week I’ve done 14.97 miles….so not bad!!  I took a day off because it ran and I did one day with an under 2 mile run.  Last weekend  I got a 5k in and had my best time ever – 26:11!!! It felt so good crossing that finish line.  I want to sign up for a couple more races before the summer is over – the Blueberry Race is definelty on deck for August!!


Me approaching the finish line at the Wesley Keaton Memorial 5K.  My best time to date on a 5k – 26:11!!!  It was a cold, rainy, and windy day – good running conditions for me!!


First Friday of summer vacation…I just got back from a 3 mile run and had to take my sneeks off!!  Here is to more miles this summer!!


After an almost 4 mile run out at our campground.  I love getting my runs in out there – difference things to see and new running routes!

I am so looking forward to this summer.  I have lots to do, adventures to conquer, and change – which will be good!  I am most looking forward to hanging with my kiddos.  They are such fun outdoorsey dudes that I love to sit outside with them and soak up the sun!  I am hoping for lots of sun and frozen yogurt in our future this summer!


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