I’m BACK – and Ready to Rock and Roll…..June Goals and more!!

Friends – I do need to apologize for taking the entire month of May off.  I needed some time to refocus and get some things together.  I found myself so busy with my job and my family that I could not dedicate the time I needed to write and actively work on my blog!  I have found that it was the perfect refresher that I needed to get back on track and try to do everything that I want to do!


Over the course of the month I had many ups and downs.  Some of the ups included getting back out on the roads with some nicer weather and running.  Some of the downs included realizing that I have lost some steps and need to work myself back up to where I was – when it comes to running!  I’m gaining on it though and running my first 10k this weekend.  I am so nervous and so excited at the time same!

I have also started a very small business that has sprung out of my intentions to live a healthy lifestyle.  I have talked about making my own peanut butter before…well I have decided to go public with that concept and started the Sassy Molassey Peanut Butter Company.  I make small batch gourmet nut butters.  I have always loved peanut butter and used it as a healthy snack.  Problem is that the store bought – the old standbys are loaded with sugar and other things that do not fit into my current lifestyle.  I started going back to natural peanut butter – which I LOVE – but got a bit bored with the salted, unsalted, crunchy, or smooth options.  There had to be more – and it had to be healthy and fit my lifestyle.  I started experimenting and I have come up with about 7 different varieties of nut butters that I think are tasty and healthy!  I don’t use white sugar – but there are a few flavors that use a touch of honey for sweetness.  This has really kept me busy and I look forward to seeing where it takes me.


I have also realized over the course of the month of May that I have fallen into some bad habits that I have been working on breaking.  Too much picking here and there – so not necessary but also hard to break.  I realize that I’m not picking on things that are terrible for me – but it’s just mindless…like I’m not even hungry – just bored.  So, to counteract this – I’ve been drinking more water, adding more protein here and there, and just filling my time with better things to keep myself occupied!!

I am really looking forward to the summer and getting into a bit of a different routine.  There is so much to look forward to – the sun, playing with my kids, camping, and seeing where my little business will take me.  I am also taking an EPIC trip to Washington DC.  I was chosen to be a Museum Fellow at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum – which is probably the greatest professional honor I have ever been given.  I am taking off for a week in July and basically will be studying intensely at the museum.  I have never been away from my family for that long.  Also – I think it will be a challenge to maintain my diet and such while I am away.  I am so looking forward to running around DC though – it will be HOT and HUMID, but I am looking forward to it.  This week away will be a challenge in more than one way.  It will be academically and intellectually challenging.  The Museum only choses twenty people for the program.  They had well over one hundred applicants.  I am worried that there will be people that are far and away smarter than I am.  However, I’m betting there will be few people as passionate as I am – at least – I am hoping this is the case.  Physically – I will have to adjust to having people prepare food for me and I worry about that.  I will just bring a bunch of my own stuff and be as prepared as possible!  I am so looking forward to it!

We bought a new-to-us popup camper this spring and we are SO excited to get a lot of use out of it this summer.  I LOVE camping.  If you had asked me ten years ago if I would be excited to pack up a ton of stuff and sleep in a pop-up – I would have probably said NO!!  Now, I can not get into the camper soon enough!!  We have a sweet little camp ground that we go to and really love it.  The kids are so happy there and there is a lot of stuff to do.  Camping can be a challenge to my healthy living though.  I work VERY hard to maintain even while camping.  I am a firm believer that just because your camping does NOT mean you have to eat overly processed food and crap all week or weekend long.  I’ve got a grill and fresh veggies – I can survive and so can others around me.  I provide healthy meals for my family and of course some delish not so healthy snacks for those that want to indulge.  We have stayed at this particular campground enough so that I have been able to carve out some running routes and get my steps in.  I can’t wait to get back out to the camper!20170526_181857

SO – here are my GOALS for the month of JUNE:


  • As in the past – I am going to keep the same first couple of goals.  I feel like these have been vital to my success.  Some might say that I rely too much on my Fitbit.  Truthfully…maybe that is true.  However, I find that it helps me to be focused and meet my goals on a daily basis.
  • I will continue to take my 10,500 steps a day
  • I will continue to take 250 steps an hour between the hours of 9am and 5pm.  I expect that this will be harder when school is out.  At school I have a schedule and pattern…at home, it’s a little bit different
  • I will also continue to get my water in . I really want to increase to 5 jars of water a day because I know that I will be running more this summer.
  • Speaking of running – I want to get back into the swing of getting my miles in.  I don’t need to run every single day – although I would LOVE to.  However, I need to find my rhythm and go with what feels good.  Last summer I can a total of 235 miles.  This summer I would like to surpass that.  My ultimate goal is to run the Millinocket Half Marathon in November!
  • Something that will be challenging for me this summer is finding a different schedule that works for me.  During the school year – you fall into a pattern of when you eat, drink, get water, take a walk etc.  In the summer you are off the bell system and have more freedom to decide when you are coming or going.  At the start of the summer, this is a bit difficult to me.  Hopefully I will be able to fall into a groove sooner rather than later.
  • Lastly – I really do NOT want to be a slave to numbers this summer.  Numbers on the scale and numbers on the tag.  I just want to be comfortable and celebrate the victories or contemplate the down side.  I think I can do this and still maintain my weight loss.  I know it will be a challenge – but I am up for it!!

Please stay tuned to this blog – I have a bunch of AWESOME content coming.  I am so happy to back in action!!  Thanks for taking the time to read this today!!



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