Starting from Scratch….YIKES!!

As you folks that read this blog know – I like running.  I’ve grown passionate about it since I started doing it about a year ago.  I ran throughout the Spring and Summer and even as late as into December – if the weather cooperated!!  When the weather became nasty and slippery I had to take it inside.  I did some exercises classes but mostly I hit up the elliptical and treadmill.  I have been very open about not truly enjoying either of these devices of torture but they did keep me moving over the winter months.  I’m proud to say that I was still able to go out almost every morning for my walk with my little dog.  I only missed 3 mornings so far this whole school year.  Those days were missed because of really extreme weather – snow – LOTS OF IT and really frigid temps.  Nevertheless, she persisted.

Recently we’ve had some nicer days so I’ve been able to venture out onto the road and run a little bit.  Last week in particular – there were a couple nice days in a row so I hit the ground running and it was definitely a good feeling.  That being said – it was also a shock to my system.  I am a novice – at best – “runner.”  I jumped back into it and tried to go the same miles I had been doing at the end of last summer.  I am going to be honest and say that it might have been a mistake!!  Although I was active all winter and kept moving the best I can – I wasn’t ready for a four and a half mile run on the first day.  I was actually really in pain the next day.  I added a pretty steep hill right at the end of the run…it felt good at the moment but, the next morning my thighs were screaming.  For an encore, I went running the next day and did a 5k.  What I learned is that that was too much back to back after pretty much taking the whole winter off from running.

Although I was active and keep my routine and activity up – nothing really replaces running – the mechanics of it.  I refuse to run on the treadmill because it just plain hurts!  So, I guess I start from square one.  For me, this is a tough prospect to digest.  I really thought that I would be able to just run as long and as far as I had been doing.  I did not think that I would need a readjustment period.  However, I guess this is necessary.  As you my know, this is not easy for me.  I don’t like feeling like I can’t do what I used to be able to do easily.  I do not like feeling that I am starting over.  I even think that I did something to my groin during these early runs….and what’s the cure for that? Rest.  And what I hate more than starting over? Rest.  Hahah…it’s a vicious circle!!  So – I have been taking it easy and alternating my workouts.  Running one day and hitting up the gym for cardio.  I have also done some longer runs and then short runs following – in an effort to readjust and get acclimated to running again.

So we went to Massachusetts to see my Mom and Step-dad for a couple days over our April vacation.  It was so nice there – I decided to give it a go and go for a longer run.  I had been taking it easy and thought that now would be as good a time as any to ease back into some distance.  The first morning there I went for my longest run to date – 5.5 miles and it took about an hour.  I did not push for faster times – I just went with what my body was comfortable with.  This is obviously not my best, but I did it and it felt good.  I don’t have anyone to beat but myself.  That’s what I really dig about running – you are really only racing yourself.  However, my friendly produce lady at the local Hannaford vows to beat me in this years Blueberry Run!!  I say – BRING IT – and she probably will!!  As long as I do a bit faster than last year…I’m all set!  I have signed up for some races this Spring and looking forward to getting back in the swing of things.


I’ve been having an interesting month so far.  I’ve been a little bit off track with my food and snacking a little bit more than I would like to.  I do not feel like I am overeating but I’m making choices that I would not have made a couple months ago.  I know that in some respects, that is OK – I’m not eating and snacking on things like chips, dips, fried foods, etc.  I’m snacking on things like nuts, yogurt, and grapes – for example.  So, I find it a relief that I’m not being called to candy and crapy foods that I snacked on for years.  I am also wondering if I am eating enough in general – which is why maybe I’ve been snacking a little bit more.  I’ve been keeping track with My Fitness Pal and in all honesty, I’m probably not eating all the calories I need to eat in order to keep my metabolism working as it has been. So, I’m going to focus on trying to have a little more protein at my meals in hopes to keep the snacking at bay.  I was worried because I’ve been thinking that snacking meant that I am failing. The reality is that this is not true at all.  It may mean that I need to regroup and think about what I am eating differently….but I am certainly NOT failing.  In fact, I haven’t gained an ounce in the last month.


Lastly I have some bad news – my trusted companion on this voyage has seen better days and his finding it’s way to a garbage dump in the sky.  Yes, my Fitbit has s*&*% the bed.  I do believe I’ve had it over a year and believe me, it has served me well.  It has fallen apart and I needed to basically tape it together to charge it.  I was really getting worried about how I would survive without it.  I know, totally ridiculous first world problem – but for me my Fitbit is a MAJOR source of motivation.  I have been wanting to upgrade to the Charge 2 – as they don’t even carry the Charge HR anymore.  But, honestly, they are too expensive for me right now.  So – I was getting used to the idea of just not having one for a while until I could replace it.  However, a very sweet and special friend gifted me her old one because she upgraded at Christmas time.  It is literally the nicest gesture and I am really grateful!!  I am happy that I can stay on track with my steps and challenges!!  It was having to stick a pencil in the start button of my old Fitbit to get it to track my workouts and runs.

Rest in peace “tangerine” Fitbit.  Thank you for helping me achieve my personal goals and keeping track of my runs and steps!!  Welcome Plum Fibit to my wrist – I hope you can stand up to the same abuse my your buddy.  You have your work cut out for you!


Better get to work – it’s 8:25 and I still haven’t met my step goal for the day.  This is highly unusual – but we were on the road today and I am on vacation!!


4 thoughts on “Starting from Scratch….YIKES!!

  1. Katie says:

    I always have lots of questions about your blogs, but today what I am most interested in is you shoes. What types of shoes are you wearing to workout? Do you have separate running shoes? How often do you replace your shoes?


    • mrsterrillsapblogandstuff says:

      Katie – I was just saying that I think it’s time for a fresh pair of kicks. I’ve had these ones for a year and have put well over 300 miles on them. Like I said…I’m new to this stuff…but I can feel when I run that I need a new pair. I am currently using New Balance (Go Maine!) Trail running sneakers. They give me a little more cushion and support. I’ve been very happy with them!! I have wide feet…so New Balance has always been a win for my feet!!


  2. Jurine says:

    Hi Mathy!
    Love your posts! I haven’t been om facebook for a few months so happy that I subscribed. Just an FYI that fitbit will replace your device that fell apart without issue! I had to get a replacement b/c the pin came out of the band & you can’t just replace the band on the HR. Also, big find, a coworker told me about Halo ice cream. It’s about 240 calories for the entire pint! I haven’t tried it yet because I’m on a 10-day green smoothie cleanse to jumpstart my routine, but will definitely be trying once I’m done.


    • mrsterrillsapblogandstuff says:

      Thank you Jurine!! I am going to live chat with them tomorrow and see about getting a replacement….will be good to have a back up! Oh YAASSS….halo top is delish. I’m in love with their oatmeal cookie flavor…so tasty. Hard for me to get up here…but I’m always on the hunt!! Hope you are well…thank you so much for reading. Good luck with your cleanse!!


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