April Goals…


Well – I’m late with my goals this month – to be fair, I’ve had them written down but I’ve been so busy I haven’t been able to get them up on my blog!

This month I am looking to try to make some changes in my routine to help me stay on track.  The days are getting longer and the sun is starting to shine a little brighter I am really looking forward to getting my exercise in OUTSIDE.  April is a good month – you start to see Spring wake up a little bit more every day.  The birds are out and about on my morning walks and although it’s been chilly and there has been some snow here and there…the good stuff is coming!

My first three goals are the same as usual – keep up with my steps and hit my step goals on the daily.  It continues to be a challenge to get in 250 steps during my work day.  I’ve been doing it, but I have to really focus on achieving it!  I have also been doing a lot of Fitbit challenges with friends which has really been keeping me motivated to get up and move.  I really like participating in the challenges – sometimes they get really competitive!!  My third goal is to keep up with my WATER intake.  Lately, I feel like I have been slacking on that a little bit.  I try to get in my four jars but recently have only been doing three.  I have been feeling a bit sluggish lately and I think that water is the key to helping me feel my best.  I will just keep sip, sip, sipping.

Goal number four is simply to PRIORITIZE.  I have been really busy lately.  I am teaching really challenging classes this semester and trying very hard to keep my head above water in the classroom.  I am still working out almost every day and really enjoying it – but finding that I’m busy with other things – like school events this time year.  Sometimes my workouts are shortened because of these engagements.  I’m also trying to start a very small business – which is keeping me extra busy some evenings.  Of course – also trying to  keep up with my kiddos and having any adult time with my hubby makes for a lot of juggling.  Some days I just need to take a step back and realize that I don’t have to get everything single thing done in one day.  We only have so many hours and sometimes those hours need to be filled with playing, giggling, and making cookies with my kids.  Recently I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about how short life really is.  I want to achieve my goals and be happy – but I do not want to be unhappy doing it! Prioritizing will be helpful

Goal number five – LESS BTLs (Bites, Tastes, Licks).  I’ve been a little less strict and tasting or trying things here and there.  There is no rule against it and it doesn’t take me totally off track.  However, it’s a bad habit and I don’t need to do it.  It’s mindless eating for the sake of eating something.  I could be sipping my water instead.  Every BLT adds up at the end of the day and over the course of a year that could be several pounds.  IT’s not worth it!  I think the better plan would be – if I am actually hungry – I should eat something more substantial than a bite here and bite there.

Lastly – this is probably the hardest for me to grasp – Erase the Doubt.  I need to stop doubting my abilities to carry through with this mission and journey.  I know that I can do it and I am proving it every day.  Sometimes I find that admitting your success to yourself is the hardest part.  Just need to keep my head up and keep moving forward.  You don’t get anywhere doubting yourself and your abilities!

Well – that’s what I got for this month.  Come back tomorrow and check out my weekly post – which will be a new recipe that my family has been trying out!


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