Product Pop-Up!!

Folks…I know it has been awhile – but I am back with a new Product Pop-Up to share with you!!  I find that I am on a constant quest to find the perfect creamer for my coffee.  I do not add sugar – real or fake – to my coffee anymore.  I only use creamer to sweeten and enhance my daily fix.  Although I am in LOVE with Nestle’s Bliss Sweet Cream – I like to venture out around my comfort zone and try different things.  Note – Nestle’s Bliss makes a Sweet Cream Cinnamon that is TO DIE FOR.  I have found another product that I am seriously swooning over – Silk Almond Creamer in Caramel.  Holy smokes – this stuff is so so so good.


Check out this beauty the next time you are at your local Target!  The Target in Bangor also had the Hazelnut and Vanilla flavors!

I picked up my carton of Silk Almond Creamer at Target.  My local Hannaford does not yet carry Almond based creamers.  I am hoping to see something like this closer to home soon (hint, hint Machias Hannaford – I’m looking at you!).  I should start by saying that I really do enjoy Almond milk – so this was not a stretch for me.  I had not tried the creamer before so I was excited to give it a go.  I really like Almond milk because I feel that it adds more flavor to whatever it is that I am using it in.  When I was doing my pre-op liquid diet I was using Silk’s unsweetened vanilla milk in all my shakes.  It definitely added a little extra something to the shakes.  The creamer is nice and creamy and thick – which I love.  It is sweet because of the caramel flavor.  This particular caramel actually taste like rich creamy caramel – not like fake gross caramel.  It’s rich, and I like that.  To be totally honest – it does contain cane sugar – but I am still comfortable with the numbers on this product.  One tablespoon will cost you 15 calories, 0 fat, 3 grams of carbs, and no protein.  I use two tablespoons to sweeten my daily iced coffee.  I find that it does its job nicely.  I REALLY am committed to the caramel variety – but moonlighted with the vanilla flavor.  I did not enjoy it as much and, in fact, dumped it.  According to the Silk website they also offer a hazelnut variety of Almond creamer.  Maybe I will give that one a go!!


Pretty satisfied with these numbers.  I use 2 tablespoons and I’m OK spending these calories and carbs for my coffee!!

So – go on out and give this product a try!!  I really like it and I think you might to.  As always, I have not been asked or sponsored by this company to promote their product – I just really like it and want to share it with you!  For my next trick I am going to share my protein coffee – the stuff that helps me to make it through the day.  Be on the look out for this post laster this week!  I know in the wls (weight loss surgery) world coffee is sometimes controversial.  However, I makes sure to get all my water in daily.  Caffeine dehydrates and believe me, you do not want to get dehydrated.  I consume about 16 cups of water a day – so I’m not too worried about my cup and a half of coffee daily.


Literally sometimes all you need is a cup of soon to be iced coffee, good creamer, and an incredible book.  I am dominating this early dismissal due to snow day!


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