Traveling While on a Mission…

With only a weekend left to savor of February Vacation and the fact that I’m actually home right now – I realized that I’ve spent a lot of time away this week.  I mean, it was a really lovely vacation.  As Mainers and a Coach’s wife, we had some basketball games in Bangor.  Unfortunately, we lost our game in total heart breaking fashion.  My hubby had made us reservations to stay at a really nice hotel while we were in Bangor.  Our game was on Saturday afternoon and we stayed up in the big city until Monday afternoon.  I called this our Staycation.  It’s like a thing in Down East, Maine to do this…you go to the tourney and stay in Bangor.  There are lots of things to do for the kids – trampoline park, swimming pool at the hotel, trips to Target, and of course a couple of nice meals out in the big city.  My kids have a blast every year on our staycations.  To be honest, they could just stay in the pool the whole day and be totally satisfied.  I like to do a little a lot of shopping while I am in town.  Living two hours away from civilization – I sometimes feel that I have to stock up while I can at places like Target, real Hannafords, Costco’s, the Vitamin Shoppe, and of course Old Navy.  (Still can not buy Siggi’s yogurt in Machias – so I buy a couple weeks worth supply when I’m in Bangor!!)

One thing about being away from home is that it is a challenge to stick with the balance that I try to maintain.  I am the first one to admit….oooohhhhh man do I love going for lunch at Chipotle and following that up with Sweet Frog.  Of course, I wash it all down with Starbucks!!  I feel like there is a thin line between enjoying myself and totally derailing myself.  First thing that I keep in mind is that I can go to any of those places mentioned above and eat on my program.  YES, even Sweet Frog.  I mean – I don’t feel up the old pink cup like I used to and I really don’t do toppings.  I do indulge in one of the broken waffle cone pieces to dip my 5 ounces of yummy frozen yogurt in.  Yes, I actually put the yogurt in the cup and weigh it so that I know how much I am consuming.  I can not fit 5 ounces of food into my tiny tummy – so there is even a little bit of left over!  I feel good about being responsible and taking charge of my portions.  I do the same thing at Chipotle.  I order a kids “build your own” meal.  I ask for no wraps and get chicken, black beans, pico, lettuce, sour cream, and of course – guac!! You get about 2 ounces of each.  I can have a couple meals out of one “build your own” meal.  I eat until I get my signals and then I bring the rest home to the hotel.  What’s great about where we stay is that there is a kitchenette which includes a full size fridge!!  There are usually no left overs after Starbucks – however.  My order is a grande cold brew with one pump of cinnamon dolce syrup and a drop of sweet cream.  According to the Starbucks website – my drink is 110 calories, 14 grams of carbs, and 1 gram of protein.  Now, typically, this is not something I would splurge on – but once or twice a month – I will go for it.  I also add a half a scoop of my Quest Salted Caramel Vanilla protein powder to my drink…it is delish and one way to amp up my protein intake!!


During our tourney game I had this little beauty as a snack.  Everyone was eating popcorn, candy, ice cream, and big fat soft pretzels….oh man I love those pretzels.  But, I had a yogurt with a protein cookie and a couple of almonds.  It hit the spot and help me over until we could go out for dinner.


This picture was taken at a home game a couple of weeks before the tournament.  I packed a salad because I knew I was going to be hungry.  The kids had pizza, nachos, and popcorn!!  It felt good to be prepared!!

As much as I love traveling and getting out of dodge for a bit – the packing is tricky.  I like to be prepared for everything so I definitely over pack.  It drives my hubby crazy..but I want to have everything I need so that I can make sure that I can take care of myself.  Packing for a couple days away involves many bags, tupperware containers, and ziplock baggies. Sometimes, I even bring my Ninja so I can make my shakes.  I did not bring it along this time, however. Knowing that we were staying at a hotel with a kitchenette – I knew that I could bring my pancake mix and make myself a protein pancake for breakfast each day.  Usually while on vacation – this is my breakfast of choice.  I will go back to my shakes when school is back in session!!  So – I needed to pack my Fairlife protein milk – for an added protein boost in the pancake.  I also wanted to make sure I would have something for snacks – Siggi’s, trail mix, peanut butters, and my protein cookies.  I also threw in my Perdue Rosemary and Olive Oil chicken, baby spinach, and some goat cheese.  I wanted to make sure I could throw a salad together if I needed to.  Protein bars – for my nighttime snack and of course, my PBFit.  I know it seems like a lot of stuff to cart around…and it is.  However, I would rather have it and not use it than not have it at all and scramble for something that fits into my plan.


What packing for a couple nights away looks like for me.  This is only my food stuff!!

Another thing that I am prepared for when we hit the road is exercising.  Most of the hotels that we have stayed in over the last year and half have a gym.  This makes working out pretty easy and accessible.  I can sneak down stairs early before everyone gets up and do my thing.  By the time I get back – everyone is ready to head down to breakfast or do whatever we have on the agenda.  This week – Delaney and I also made a quick trip down to Portland to visit my mom, grammy, and aunt.  There is no gym at there house – but, the weather was nice and the mild temps allowed for me to run around downtown Portland.  I love running through the city…it makes me feel like a million bucks.  I am not going to lie – I was slow and shuffling around town – but I did a 5k and my time wasn’t terrible.  I am also nursing a bit of a bum hip. PS – nothing makes you feel like an old lady like a bum hip…WOW.


Ready to hit the hotel gym for my CardiNO!!!


Just getting back from my 3.5 mile run around the awesome City of Portland.  I love to run in different places…it keeps you interested in the task at hand!!

Being prepared to be successful might take a little more time then when I could just throw clothes in a bag and head out the door.  I don’t mind taking the time or lugging all the stuff around…it actually makes me feel better about my journey. Sometimes I really freak out when I go somewhere and there is nothing that fits into my plan – food wise.  Luckily for me – this has only happened a few time and I’ve been able to make something work.  Staying at a hotel with a kitchenette is super helpful because when you are in a pickle you can cook something for yourself.  The free breakfast at the Resident Inn in Bangor is AWESOME – but…I’m not huge on scrambled eggs – which was their main protein offering.  No worries – made myself  what I wanted and was full and satisfied until lunch!!  They did have a lovely fancy cheese offering and some other yummy things for me to pick on.  My family really enjoys the time we spend there and I enjoy that I can stay on track far away from home.

The bottom line is – if you want to be successful with your fitness/weight/health goals – you HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.  You need to pack the few extra bags and plan ahead.  It needs to become second nature for you.  No one else will do it for you so be responsible for your own success.  I have mentioned this mantra before – it is so true for me – fail to plan, plan to fail.  Enjoy your vacation and time away but you can also enjoy continued success on your plan…just takes a little more effort!!


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