February Goals…


It’s the first of the month again – holy cow – I can’t believe it’s February already!!  January really flew up!!  I sat down tonight and come up with some goals for the month and I’m looking forward to achieving them.

Like recent months – goals 1 – 3 are the same as usual.  These goals really have helped me to stay focused, moving, and hydrated.  I am really finding that goal #2 is a fun and tough challenge.  It is forcing me to move around throughout the day and not get lazy.  I especially find it challenging on the weekends when I just want to loaf around and catch up on my DVRd shows!

I am really looking to make some slight changes in behavior this month.  Goal #4 focuses on stepping on that crazy scale.  Since I am in maintenance and really no longer losing weight I am always curious about the number on the scale.  My doctor told me that I could gain 10 pounds and she would still be thrilled for me.  This however is not my plan.  I have been here before and this is where I have failed so many times.  What I need to realize is that I am not defined by that number and that number isn’t even overall what is most important.  I’ve been lifting weights and seeing a change in my body shape – all of that counts for success.  I am still going #lowcarb and I  haven’t fallen off that wagon.  The number is less important than how I feel – and I feel pretty good!  I would like to weigh myself once a week on Fridays!

Goal #5 is a throw back to my old Weight Watcher days.  BLTs is a term that my old leader used to use a lot.  BLT = bites, licks, and tastes.  I have noticed that here and there I am doing a little bit more of this than I have in the past.  I am not snacking or grazing or eating out of boredom…but I don’t need to pick up this old habit again.  Before surgery I would eat an entire meal before the meal – on BLTs alone.  This is so not where I am at right now… but I don’t want to revisit.  I eat when I’m hungry and I don’t need a lot in-between those times.  Just need to drink more water and stay on my path!

When you have surgery – how you eat changes, not just what you eat.  Before, I would inhale my meal and hardly taste it.  Right after surgery, it would take me forever to eat my baby size portion.  Now I would say I am eating my almost all of my 3oz meals – but that if I slowed down while eating them I would enjoy them more.  It is actually painful to eat too fast.  My tiny tummy has no problem letting me know that I’m eating too much or too fast.  Eating slower also plays in with goal #7 – knowing when you are full.  I can tell when I am approaching the full mark – my nose starts to run and I start burping.  Both of these signals are not pretty – but they are good warning signs.  I should not push it because the tiny tummy will push back – believe me.  Also, over eating can stretch your stomach back out and I didn’t come this far to only come this far!  There is no need to rush or stuff myself.

So – this is what I have going on this month – what are you monthly goals looking like??!!


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