Product Pop-Up!!!

Ok – friends – I have literally fallen in LOVE with a new pickle that I tried out last night.  Holy cow….they are so good that I actually went back to the store today and bought another container.  This week’s Product Pop-Up is Farm Ridge Food’s Sweet Horseradish Chips!!!


Holy Hannaford – try these amazing suckas out!!  You will LOVE them!

Last night for dinner we had pulled pork – which I cooked all day in the crock pot.  I have an incredible recipe that is not too sweet and just all around delish.  I always have a pickle with pulled pork.  I don’t know if that’s an actual thing, but for me, it goes hand-in-hand.  These days when I eat pulled pork – I don’t do bread.  I just put it on a plate and have a little veggie or a salad to go with.  I made homemade coleslaw and a cauliflower mash last night.  I skipped the coleslaw and stuck with the cauliflower mash – which was good stuff.  I tried out these pickles and WOW – they went great with the pulled pork.  Today for lunch – I had these sweet horseradish chips with my tuna and it was KILLER.


These babies are ready to head into my lunch box for tomorrow’s work day!! Also features here – my spinach and goat cheese salad.  I put spicy tuna on top at lunch time!!


Nice size pickle chips!!

Pickles are a hit for me because of the crunch factor.  Since I am sticking to the #lowcarb life, I miss out on chips, croutons, crackers and other crunchy carbs that you might pair with lunch or dinner.  I do eat carbs – but they are not the main focus on my meals.  A well made pickle packs a serious punch and they pickles are crunchy and full of flavor.  They are exactly the zing I am looking for!!

Believe it or not I actually found these beauties at my local Machias Hannaford.  They were in the deli section across from the deli counter.  They company also makes a bread and butter chip as well as half Kosher dills.  Next time I will try their pickle spears!!  As far as nutritional facts – I will be honest – these pickles are NOT high in protein!!  In fact – they have <1 gram of protein!! But, that’s OK with me – I’m maintaining and living and I want a zingy crunch and I can live with less than 1 gram of protein!!  Other nutritional facts include: for 1 serving – about 3 to 4 chips or 1ox – 25 calories, 0 fat, and 7g total carbs.  Again, I can deal with these stats….it is still better than a handful of chips or crackers!!  Give these pickles a chance, I really think you will enjoy them!

In over news…check out my new logo! I have some information on my Facebook page about it – I am so excited!!  My friend Jess at Saltwater and Sass helped to make my vision a reality.  If you are interested in getting on – or – your own groovy car decal check out her Facebook page here.  If you mention my blog and order one between now and 02/03 you will receive 10%!!!



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