A Different Kind of Christmas and Looking Forward to 2017!!!

This years Christmas was very different from the past.  It wasn’t because of my weight loss or surgery – it was because of illness.  My little guy woke up with the stomach bug on Christmas Eve.  He spent the day on the couch puking into a bucket!!  Poor guy!!  On Christmas morning, my hubby made it through opening gifts and then spent the rest of the day in bed.  On the 26th – I found myself in bed by the afternoon and sick here and there until about noon on the 27th.  The last to go down was my Delaney – she spent her Tuesday on the couch….such a bummer.  I hate to see the kids and my hubby sick – especially over the Holidays and while on vacation!  The good thing was that the stomach bug seemed to be quick moving. The downside is that my kiddos and my hubby love Christmas – I almost wish they could have a do-over.

I have always found the Holidays to be a stressful time.  This year, I took a step back and tried to enjoy them rather than worry about them.  Delaney and I decided to do some holiday baking for the grandparents this year and also for her teachers. So, we baked.  We made 6 different kinds of cookies.  I was really worried that baking that much would leave me open to falling into bad habits – like eating ALL THE COOKIES.  I am proud to say that I didn’t eat any cookie dough – literally might be the first time ever.  I did have a few bites of cookies – and to be honest, I found that they were too sweet for my taste these days.  This was a good thing – mostly because I did not feel like I was missing out on anything.  I also made an Old Fashioned Hot Water Gingerbread cake.  I had a bite of that sucker – boy was that good.  It wasn’t too sweet at all and truth be told – I probably could have done a whole piece.  However, I didn’t.  I had my bite and called it good.  The people we gave cookies too seemed happy with their packages and that made Delaney and I very happy.


This is the what the tree looked like on Christmas Eve before Santa stopped by.  The kids had a great time decorating this year…lots of homemade ornaments close to the bottom of the tree!!

On Christmas Eve we had a lunch of sorts – I made a soup, we had finger rolls, dates stuffed with cheese and wrapped in bacon, cheese and crackers, and some other snacks and treats.  I also made a huge salad with goat cheese and nuts.  I threw some chicken on top of the salad and had a couple pieces of cheese and called it good.  I felt very satisfied and also found that there was something for everyone to eat.  I also made a pumpkin and chocolate cream pie for Christmas Eve.  I’m not huge on either one of those options – so I didn’t feel like I was missing out on anything.  On Christmas Day – we were supposed to have a big turkey dinner – my hubby’s favorite.  I was in a tough situation because we took it out and it was thawed and basically needed to be cooked.  I cooked it – knowing that the kids wouldn’t eat much of it.  I didn’t bother making any of the side dishes.  That turkey looked delish!!  The kids and I had a few bites.  Since I spent Monday in bed – my hubby ended up tossing it.  In all the craziness of Sunday, I forgot to put it away!! Shame on me – but truth be told – I wasn’t feeling so hot on Sunday night.

The kids and I had a good Christmas day.  They ripped through their gifts and wanted to play with everything that they could get their hands on.  We played with MatchBox Cars and built some tracks.  Delaney and I colored a lot of stuff…which I love doing.  I find coloring so calming.  Griffy played with a lot of Paw Patrol puzzles and figures.  I tried my best to put stuff together – typically this is my hubby’s department.  I did the best that I could do.  The kids were upset that my hubby was sick.  He loves Christmas morning almost as much as they do!  But, we did the best that we could without him.  Luckily, he was feeling much better on Monday morning and could put all the batteries in the toys and put the things together that I couldn’t figure out.  He had basketball practice – but spent the rest of the days with the kids and they really enjoyed that.

Some very happy kiddos on Christmas morning.  They wanted to go down stairs at 5am – but settled on 6am!!  Delaney was pumped to get a Hatchimal!!  It looks like a dragon – is legit the weirdest toy ever.  She named him Hatch.  Special thanks to my gal pal Colleen for finding one literally at the last minute!!  She was so excited.  Griffy Do-Da LOVES Paw Patrol.  He got lots of trucks and toys…he is so pumped!!


After Tornado Terrill came through.  So pumped that we got a new vacuum!! 

The worst part of being sick for me was not moving.  Like, I really had a problem taking the break that I know my body needed.  I may have mentioned before that I am obsessed with my FitBit.  For months and months I have been tallying over 15,000 steps a day on average.  For the three days that we are all down and out I had a grand total of 3,000 steps.  This drove me crazy.  This is when I need to reflect on my goals for the month of December and allow myself to be human.  I know that my body needed the rest and that I needed to be there to take care of my kiddos and hubby.  It was hard for me to sit still – I mean, I have a standup desk at work.  I really do not sit down very often during the day!!  These days, I just don’t like sitting still when I know I could be using that time to be productive.  That being said, however, I know that it is so important to give your body the rest that you need so you do not cause further issues down the line.  I do have to admit that I feel rested and the little break was good for me.  My little dog is annoyed because we have not been on our daily early morning walks since school got you!!  Fear not, little fur ball, we will resume our daily programming on Tuesday when school is back in session!!


My Mother posted something like this today on the Facebook.  It really makes a lot of sense and something that should really be considered.

Although I am sad that were all sick over the holiday weekend – I’m glad that we got it over with.  We are headed to Portland for the New Year and I’m so excited.  I LOVE Portland and I love that we will be spending time with family.  Now that we’ve all had this icky bug – I won’t worry about one of us coming down with while we are away.  I also won’t worry about passing it along…which is the worst.  It’s a bit of a bummer to be down and out over vacation but at least we didn’t miss time from work or school.  Also, Christmas vacation is about 2 weeks…so at least we have some time left – but boy, doesn’t it go fast?!?!

Looking at the New Year – I have been thinking a lot about resolutions and wondering what the New Year will bring.  I’ve never really been big on New Years Resolutions.  To me they feel like standardized tests – they set you up to fail.  I always invest so much into them and when I failed or didn’t meet them – I beat myself up over it.  So, this year I think I will resolve to follow through on some manageable things and then stick to my small monthly goals – which I find to be more attainable. url

A very dear friend of mine brought this message to my attention the other night.  It makes perfect sense for my journey.  I have goals and I’m happy to set them and attain them.  However, I need to get on board with just living and allowing things to work out.  Sometimes I find I am running in all different directions and worrying about things that I have absolutely NO control of.  Really, that is a waste of the little time that I have.  The world will not stop spinning if I don’t get 10,000 steps a day or exercise for 40 minutes or don’t fold the laundry (the laundry pile is giving me the side eye right now). I have had a lot of really great success in 2016 and I am sure that I will continue to be successful in 2017 as long as I continue to on my path.  Now that I am in the maintenance stage – I know that I can ease off and gas some and really enjoy what’s going on around me.


My very favorite gift under the tree this year.  This is an awesome vintage locket that my Aunt found somewhere along her wanderings.  She sent it to my Mom – who put in the pics of my kiddos.  My Mom send it to my Hubby – who wrapped it and put it under the tree with a tag from the kiddos.  I love it and will treasure it, always!!

Recently, a very special co-worker of mine passed away.  She was a very kind, compassionate, and caring woman.  She would do anything for anyone.  Something that I know I could do to honor her is to sit back and enjoy life’s little pleasures – tea or lunch with friends, watching my kids play, or reading a good book.  I think this is the true meaning of Sid Caesar’s words and I am going to resolve to embrace them – I think Tina would appreciate that.

I hope that you will all find the love and warmth from your loved ones and friends a comfort as we close out 2016 and stand at the starting line of 2017.  Hopefully we have 365 more days to figure it all out!!


2 thoughts on “A Different Kind of Christmas and Looking Forward to 2017!!!

  1. Annie Terrill says:

    It. Sounds like you had a really nice Christmas eve through sickness.I love your locket, it is beautiful. We liked our cookies too. Thank you and Delaney. You had an awesome 2016 and hope 2017 will be as good..have fun this weekend. I talked with your mother on facebook, it was very nice. Happy New year to you all. Love you all very much.

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