Product Pop-Up!!

I have mentioned that once I find something that I like -I will stick with it like a dog with a ball trying to play fetch.  This week’s Product Pop-Up is a great example of that loyalty.  Since I have found this particular product – I have eaten it for lunch, like, everyday!! I am happy to share – Starkist Tuna Creations in a Pouch!  Yes, a pouch.  To be 100% honest – I was very very suspect of tuna in a pouch.  I mean, I’m an old school kind of gal and I’ve always had tuna out of a can.  I can remember the many many tuna salad sandwiches that my grandmother made me – with the tiniest pieces of celery – on white bread with no crusts! This was a staple of my childhood.  She would open the can and I would drain it….good times!!


Super yummy ALERT!!  Here is the Sunkist Tuna Creations – Hot Buffalo Style tuna in a pouch!!  

If you are talking protein, there is no bigger bang for your buck then good ole’ tuna.  When I was ready to start eating solid foods again – tuna was something that I gravitated to.  I realized rather quickly that I had lost my taste for mayonnaise.  This was very surprising, because mayo was something I could eat off a spoon out of the jar.  When you take out the mayo and you’re left with plain old tuna….there really isn’t too much left to good old tuna salad – it’s rather boring.  So – I went off tuna for awhile.  Then one day walking around my (you guessed it) local Hannaford – I found tuna in a pouch.  There were so many different kinds.  I figured – why not give it a spin.

Boy, am I ever glad that I did!!  I love spicy buffalo flavor – as a rule – so I picked up that pouch to taste test.  I got it home and opened up the pouch.  There was NOTHING to drain!!  The tuna was moist and smelled spicy.  I put it on a bed of spinach and added about an ounce of local made goat cheese.  HOLY COW – I really enjoyed that salad.  Among other things – the tuna did not need any mayo.  The pouch was perfect as it was.  I like mine on a good hearty cracker or on top of a salad.  I do not eat much bread – but it would also be good as a sandwich.  This Hot Buffalo Style is my personal favorite flavor.  However, there are many to chose from – Ranch, Honey BBQ, Lemon Pepper, Sweet and Spicy to name a few.  Also they are hella convenient – just grab a pouch and off you go.  In a pinch – I’ve even eaten it with a fork out of pouch.  It was just as good as a stand alone food item!

In terms of stats here is what you are looking at for one pouch – oh, the serving size is the WHOLE POUCH – WINNING!!  TO be honest, I can’t eat the whole thing – but if I could, I would!! 70 calories, 0.5g fat, 0g carbs, and 15g protein!!  Those are killer stats for someone doing that #lowcarb life.


This is me (left) and my gal pal’s lunch!!  We are twinning!!  Such a yummy quick and easy lunch!!

As always – I am not sponsored by nor was I asked by Starkist Tuna to write up this review.  I really like this product and I hope that you guys will check it out!!

Thank you for stopping by and checking out my blog this week.  I am busy trying to get everything together for Christmas.  Me and sweet sassy daughter baked 6 different kinds of cookies to give away this year!!  If I never see another cookies again – I’d be OK with that!!  Actually, it’s a really fun time in the kitchen – just a lot of work.  This would be the first year that I did not eat 100 raw cookies!!  It’s been a challenge, but I have been able to keep my plan and not also eat 100 baked cookies!! I had a bite of a chewy molasses and a bite of Italian Christmas Cookie.  They were good – but actually too sweet for me – never thought I’d hear myself say that!!

I hope everyone has better luck pulling everything together than I typically do this time of year!  I’ll be wrapping until the wee hours of Christmas morning!!  If there is anything special you’d like to see me cover on my blog – please let me know!! Lastly – don’t forget to “like” my Facebook page – you can find it here.


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