Product Pop-Up!!!

**Doing things a little bit different this week with my Product Pop-Up – I made a video at the grocery store the other day!!  Look at me embracing technology!!  I hope that you will like it!!**

Friends – I found something at the local Machias, Hannaford and I wanted to share it with you!  Last week at lunch one of the ladies that I dine with had this awesome pouch of chicken strips.  I throughly investigated the product and thought that I would check out our Hannaford and see if they had it.  She got hers at the Shaws in Ellsworth.  She had the Perdue Buffalo Chicken Strips.  Well Machias Hannaford didn’t have the Buffalo but they did have these awesome little protein packed treats – Perdue Simply Smart Olive Oil and Rosemary Chicken Strips!!


This is the serving size suggestion of 1/2 cup!!  That’s a lot for me – I portion out about 1/2 of that – which I weighed on my scale and was about 2.5 oz.

Perdue’s Simply Smart line is their more natural line of products.  You will find fewer ingredients on the packages and also on that ingredient list will be things you can pronounce – unlike some of their other products.  As I mention in the video – I am not a huge fan of grab and go products.  This is typically because they are over processed and full of not real foods.  These strips however, I can deal with.  Probably just buying a couple chicken breast and cooking them off and having them in your fridge for the week is the best way to go – but I am not Marry Poppins – although, I’d love to be -seriously, that HAT, her BAG, and her dresses – YES PLEASE!!!

I picked up a bag and I will be doing it again.  Perfect for lunch time salad – like I did here on our first snow day home from school:


Ummm…this salad was unreal.  My portion of Perdue Olive Oil and Rosemary Chicken Strips, walnuts, dried cranberries, spinach, and half an ounce of yummy local goat cheese.  I threw it in the microwave for 20 seconds after I put it together to make the cheese warm and mushy….HOLY COW!! This salad is a total WIN!!

As far as stats go: you can’t go wrong with chicken breast.  It is protein packed and awesome.  A half a cup serving will get you: 90 calories, 0 carbs, and 18g protein.  Thats a win for me!  Let me clarify what I say in the video about being cost effective at $3.99.  For me, this bag will get me through an entire week of lunches at 4 bucks, that’s a win for me.  My hubby, he would eat one bag in a serving – so it would not be a win for him.

As always, I am not sponsored by Perdue or asked by them to write this Product Pop-Up – I just really like this product.  I hope that you will check it out the next time you hit up the local Hannaford.  I found it in the meat section near the hams and close to the egg cooler.  I do not think you will be disappointed, friends!!

In other news: Big week here at Me, Under Construction.  Thursday is my 1 year surgery anniversary!!  Stay tuned for my year in review wrap up!! Also, I started a Facebook page for my blog.  You can find it and like it here.  It’s been so fun.  It gives me a whole new platform to explore this crazy journey!!  Please check it out – I thank you in advance!!!


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