Product Pop-Up!!

OK  – So, I’ve been using my latest Product Pop-Up item for a while now and I really can not say enough about it.  It’s weird looking – but it’s so good.  This weeks Product Pop-Up is Moon Cheese.  I discovered Moon Cheese while scrolling through my Instagram account one day (dellamaggs33).  It seems to be pretty popular with other people that have had bariatric surgery.  I was just getting ready to order some online when I went to my local Rite Aid and noticed that they sold it right here in Machias!  Crazy!!


Yum!!  Cheddar Moon Cheese – such a good, high protein, crunchy snack!!

So what is Moon Cheese, you ask?  The best way that I can describe it is – it’s a small ball of dehydrated cheese.  It’s super crunchy and cheesy.  It is 100% cheese.  The company uses a special process to remove all the moisture from the cheese.  You are left with an awesome crunchy snack.  I eat them on top of my salad – it takes the place of croutons – which were my old favorite salad crunch.  The Moon Cheese is an awesome stand in.  The product comes in 3 flavors – Cheddar, Gouda, and Pepper Jack.  Cheddar is my absolute favorite.  The Gouda was good – but the flavor was a little faint.  I have not been able to find the Pepper Jack – as Rite Aid only carries the Cheddar and Gouda.


When I was a kid – I fully believed that the moon was made of cheese.  Look at these little guys…they are perfect crunchy yummy bites of goodness!!! Also cameo from Super Girl on my flour jar!!!

In terms of stats for a serving of Moon Cheese – I was really impressed.  Since it is just cheese – you are definitely getting your protein.  A single serving – which is about 6-7 pieces – will cost you: 70 calories, 5g fat, 1g carbohydrates, and 5g protein.  As a salad topper – that’s perfect for me.

Like I mentioned, you can pick up your Moon Cheese at the Machias Rite Aid.  I have also seen it at a few Starbucks.  You can also order some on Amazon.  You can purchase some Moon Cheese direct from the company by visiting their website here.  You should really give it a shot – it’s not for everyone….a few of the people that I have suggested it to did not like it.  However, I do have a couple friends who really enjoy it.

As always – I have not been sponsored by the Moon Cheese people. I just really like this product and want to share it with you guys!!  If you would like me to try something out for you – please let me know…I’ll try anything once!!

Thank you for checking me out and I hope you have a great week.. I’m off to work on my new Facebook page….more info coming!!!!


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