Product Pop-Up!!

I’ve had a couple people ask me about my choice of protein powder for my daily protein shakes.  So, I’ve decided to do a Product Pop-Up to show you guys what I’m using and why I like it.


Here she is in all her beauty…my favorite choice of protein powder.  Quest Chocolate Milkshake!!!

Lately, I’ve been using this awesome protein powder by Quest in the Chocolate Milkshake flavor.  Protein powder is definitely something that you have to experiment with.  I’ve been through a few brands and tried some of them for extended periods of time.  I’ve been on a Quest kick and I really am LOVING this flavor.  One of the main reasons I like this brand is because it makes a thick shake.  I am sure there is no scientific proof behind this – but I think the thickness makes it last a little longer in my tiny tummy – keeping me fuller longer.  I love the chocolatey goodness of of this flavor too.  It really does taste like a chocolate milkshake and it’s pretty much guilt free!

I am hoping that you can see by this pour – how thick the shake is!!  This was my shake this morning…so yummy!!

As far as stats go – for one scoop – you’re looking at 110 calories, 0 fat, 4g carbohydrates, and 23g of protein.  This is defiantly a lot of bang for your protein buck.  Like I mentioned I have a scoop everyday in my daily breakfast shake.  Some days I have a half a scoop of their Salted Caramel flavor to my iced coffee for an added protein kick and it takes the place of any sweeter that I would use.  It actually makes for a really yummy and creamy iced coffee.  I also make a hot protein coffee – that is seriously delish.  Put your scoop of protein powder in the bottom of your mug.  Add a little bit of coffee and stir to make a bit of a paste.  Next continue to add your coffee but make sure you stir continuously.  If you don’t do this – you will just have lumpy coffee.  I added a dollop of homemade whipped cream this weekend – holy creamy dreamy drink.  It’s just as delish without the whipped cream!!


Something else I like about this company is that they sell their powders in a single serving pouch so that you can try out the different flavors and don’t have to commit to the huge container.  I love both of these flavors so I have no problem committing to them!!

You can pick up Quest Protein Powders on their own website.  You can also buy it at Vitamin Shoppe – which is where I get it on my monthly trips to the big city of Bangor. I’ve also picked it up on Amazon.  The going price of a large container – which lasts me about a month is $39.99.

Protein powder is definitely a personal choice – especially if you use it as often as I do.  I would highly recommend the Quest brand – but make sure you try out a variety of flavors and brands to find the one you like most!!  As always, I have not been sponsored by Quest or asked to review them on my blog.  I really just enjoy this product and wanted to share it with you!!




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