Get Your Glow On…

As I have been navigating through this journey – I’ve been trying to improve myself in many different ways.  I am not just concerned with my weight or figure.  I have also been working on myself – my attitude, my outlook, and the overall package.  Everything is coming together, but it is a process.  One thing that I’ve been working on daily is putting myself together in the morning to work.  In the past, I’ve been OK with just rolling out of bed, getting dressed, and heading out the door.  Now, I like to take the time to make myself look and feel presentable.  I attribute this to caring enough about myself.  Please do not misunderstand me – you should definitely get up and do your hair or makeup at all ages and sizes.  For me, I literally did not like myself enough to care about what I looked like to go to work.  WOW – that’s a pretty sad admission – but it’s so true.  Today, I’m proud of myself and confident that I am worth the extra time in the morning to take care of myself.  So, in an effort to get myself together, I went to spend some time with a sweet lady who showed me some awesome makeup tips!!

Recently, a former student of mine launched a Facebook page with a new business.  That former student is Chelsie Preston and her business is called Maine Coast Make-Up. Chelsie is from Cutler, Maine, and she works full time as a receptionist at a local family practice.  When she graduated high school she attended the University of Maine at Machias and studied Elementary Education and Business.  She decided to pursue a different career path and attend Empire Beauty School in Bangor.  Due to the fact that she is commuting everyday from Cutler to Bangor round trip, she has put the brakes on finishing her cosmetology education for the time being.  She is determined to go back when the time is right for her.  In the mean time, she is using the education that she has and her natural talent to help people in Down East look their very best!


Seriously…how stunning is this gal??  This is Chelsie – she is an amazingly mature professional young woman – owner of Maine Coast Makeup and I’m so pumped to know her!!

I went to Chelsie looking for some ideas on how to do my makeup in the mornings before school.  I want a fresh look that is professional but also easy to do.  As much as I would love to stand in front of the mirror and play with makeup – I just don’t have the time in the mornings.  Also, I’ve come to realize that simple and easy is better than over thinking and complicating things!!  With makeup – I think – a little goes a long way.

Let me start by saying that I am so impressed with Chelsie’s knowledge of makeup and what and where you want to pay attention to to make an impact.  She informed me that the three most important focal points on your face are your eyebrows, eyes,  and lips.  These are the places that people are looking at when they are looking at you. You are giving out your non-verbal communication with your eyebrows and eyes, so why not make them pop a little!!  Another thing that I’m so impressed with is that the girl’s got her own beauty room for goodness sakes!! That’s right, it’s like a man cave but for your makeup.  It’s a perfect space for adding a little glam and glow to your day.  She also has a plethora of makeup, brushes, applicators and everything your heart desires.  The room is like a candy shop – but it’s makeup!!


Chelsie’s amazing makeup and beauty room.  I’m thinking I need one of these spaces for myself!!!

Chelsie’s business Maine Coast Makeup offers a lot of different services for you to indulge.  If you’re getting married, contact her to do your makeup and hair on your big day.  She can also get you looking good for your bridal or baby shower.  Not getting married anytime soon? No problem, seek Chelsie out to do your makeup and hair for your senior photos.  Need a pick me up and a confidence boost? Book Chelsie for a makeover….you won’t regret it!!

We started my mini-tutorial with my eyebrows.  I am not going to lie – I was nervous about this.  I do nothing with my eyebrows but pluck them and sometimes that is even a stretch.  These days however, eyebrows are all the rage.  To be honest – that look is not me.  Chelsie just did a little touch up on the spots that needed it and they just looked completed….not overly dramatic or over done!  From waxing – my eyebrows have a good shape – I just need to keep up with it!  Chelsie assured me that this would not be drastic and she was right.  She just dipped and dabbed and then…boom – I had neat looking eyebrows!!

Eyebrow Products:

High-end product:  Chelsie recommends Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Definer. This cost $23.00 and is available online or at Sephora.

Low-end product: Chelsie suggests using your brown toned eyeshadow and just blend it into your brow.  You could also use L’Oreal Brow Stylist Definer which you can find at Rite Aid for $8.99.

Next we tackled the eyes.  Again, I was going for something simple and easy.  Chelsie is a wiz with eye makeup.  Just looking at her own makeup – you can tell that she has a knack for figuring out what color works best for you and pulling it all together.  For me, she suggested something really simple in a beautiful neutral shade.  She added a little pop of color and shimmer with some gorgeous gold.  She did two different looks on my eyes.  One, was neutral browns with that pop of gold, long lashes, and no eye liner.  She did a lot of blending and the final outcome was very classic and natural looking.  The right eye was a little more flashy.  She basically used the same color palate – but added some eyeliner.  She asked if I wanted the wing.  Honestly – YES, YES, YES!!! But in reality I’m 37 years old – I should leave the wings to the younger ladies!!  Maybe if I was going to hit the town…but in my classroom, I’ll just stick with a nice basic eyeliner application!  I really liked both looks.  When I tried it on my own the following morning – I went with the eyeliner.  I personally feel like it’s a more completed look and I like applying it!!  She also stressed the importance of mascara to bring the whole look together.  I love a good mascara…so I was totally on board with this!  Cheslie suggested that if I ever really had time in the morning – to throw on some false lashes and really rock it out!!

Here is Chelsie’s work – I love, love, love this lip color.  I can not wait to get my hands on my own tups.  If you look close enough you can see the subtle differences in the two eye looks.  The one of the left has no eyeliner and a bit darker shades.  They both look great to me!!

Eyeshadow and Mascara products:

High-end Products: There are many popular eyeshadows out there on the market.  Chelsie uses and recommends the Naked palettes.  There are 12 different colors and many different varieties of shades available.  You can pick up Naked palates at Sephora or order online.

High-end Product: Chelsie used my MAC Haute and Naughts Too Black Lash.  I love this product.  It is one mascara that allows for two options – separating those beauties and bringing all the volume.  At $23 a tube – it’s a total indulgence but MAC is my crack.

Low-end Product: Cheslie used Morphe products on my eyelids.  They are affordable and have a lot of pigment.  The smaller palettes have 9 different shades and  are $9.99 with 6 different colors.  They also have larger palettes with 23 different colors for about $22.  They are available online at Morphe.

Low-end Product: The old reliable Maybelline line of cosmetics offers a ton of affordable and awesome mascara options.  Both Cheslie and I use the Mega Plush Volume Express.  It’s an awesome product with a price tag of $6.99…very doable and reliable!

Last we did the lips!! I’ve been pretty relentless on finding the perfect #boldlip.  I will admit – it’s sometimes a lot of work to get that perfect in the mornings.  I am not willing to give up my pursuit – however, something as equally noticeable but maybe a little bit easier wouldn’t be half bad.  She whipped out one product to try and I was totally impressed!!  It took a minute to apply and she didn’t even need to line my lips…I was intrigued!! Using a brush – Chelsie applied a really great bold lip substitute that I could really get on board with.  The product? Maybelline Color Blur Stick in Plum Please.  Available for less than $10 at your local Rite Aid!!

The morning after my mini-makeover and makeup lesson – I tried it out for myself.  Using the tips that Chelsie gave me and actually giving myself some time – I think I did a pretty good job.  It was actually pretty fun playing around and figuring out what works and what doesn’t!  I won’t quit my day job anytime soon – but I felt good about making a little fuss over myself.  Chelsie was right when she said “…every girl needs a little me time and a little glow.” True story.  Now I feel confident about taking that extra time for myself and putting a little work into my appearance.

Here I am the morning after getting ready for work.  Please don’t pay too much attention to my hair.  As a result of weight loss surgery – I’ve actually lost a lot of my hair.  It has definitely thinned out – you can see in the picture, though, that I have a lot of new little hairs growing back! Yeah little hairs – keep doing your thing!!  Also as you can tell…I tried Chelsie’s ideas and techniques.  I think I did pretty good for not being a professional!!


After makeover selfie!!  Good looking ladies!!

I was hoping to upload the really awesome video tutorial that Chelsie and I made.  However, due to technical difficulty – that isn’t happening right now.  I’m going to keep on working on it and get it on here sometime in the very near future.

What I learned from my mini-session with Chelsie is that you need to indulge yourself.  It is definitely worth the extra time in the morning to try to look your best.  When I look and feel good, I feel like I do an even better job in the classroom and that’s worth it to me.  I also think that I’m setting a good example for my female students and my daughter.  I’ve noticed a few more #boldlips staring back at me from the front of my classroom.

If you’re interested in getting your makeup done – for whatever reason – by Chelsie, please give her a shout.  You can contact her on her businesses Facebook page – here.  Her prices are extremely reasonable and she can do pretty much anything you want!! You will be as impressed as I was with her professionalism and her abilities.  I see a very bright future for this woman and I am so happy to know her!!

Thank you for stopping in this week.  I hope that you found something that you can use or share with someone!!  Please check in later this weekend – I have some Thanksgiving follow up content for you!!


3 thoughts on “Get Your Glow On…

  1. Bonnie says:

    You look fabulous! I quit wearing lipstick many years ago because I can’t keep it on for more than 5 minutes. But I followed your advice and am now using Maybelline 24 hour. I love it. It will stay on through anything. This morning I put it on before going outside to stack firewood! Thanks for sharing your “process”.

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