Product Pop-Up!!

Today I am going to feature a product that I use every day…MiO Energy – Iced Vanilla Java.  Oh my word, friends – I LOVE this stuff!! I use it everyday in my morning protein shake.  My shake was good before – I was just using my protein powder, vanilla Greek yogurt, and FairLife Skim Milk.  Since I’ve added a shot of the MiO coffee flavor – WOW – it has turned my shake up!!  It honestly tastes like a fancy coffee shop’s frozen coffee drink.  I also add a pinch of pumpkin spice to my shake – which adds even an extra little kick.


This little sweetie pie makes my shakes pretty dreamy every morning!!

I will admit that the stats are not 100% what I am looking for in a healthy product.  However, I use one squirt a day and I can live with the stats – 1 squirt – which is about a teaspoon.  To be honest, I am not sure I even use a whole teaspoon…but I’m just going with it.  One squirt has 15 calories, 0 fat, 0 protein, and 4g of carbs.  Again, not 100% ideal – but you will live to see another day with this tiny indulgence.  I have tried putting coffee in my shakes and even instant coffee grinds – none of those options add the coffee flavor that I am looking for.


I love my morning protein shake – it fills me up and helps to keep me on track!! Try a squirt of the MiO Iced Vanilla Java to create a yummy frozen coffee treat!

Of course the local Hannaford does not carry this particular kind of MiO – they do sell other MiO products.  So, I pick up 2 of these beauties whenever I am at Target.  They go for $3.99 – which I think is expensive.  However that is the average going price of these water enhancers.  The nice thing about Target is that they typically have this product for sale with their Cart Wheel app – which I highly suggest using!!

As always I am not sponsored by MiO to review their product – I just really like it and want to pass on the information to you folks!  Give them a squirt to bring your shake to the next level – I think you’ll love it to!!  Thanks for stopping in and enjoy your night! Basketball season has started in Terrill Town – so I’m holding down the fort this week!!  Have an awesome holiday week folks!!




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