A little change…

I usually do my main post on Thursday’s but I wanted to share a little change that I’m dealing with.  I should say that I am learning to deal with!!

One – on a total whim this past weekend – I cut all my hair off!! Holy cow…pretty liberating feeling.  I honestly can not remember that last time that I had short hair.  Maybe sometime during my first couple years of college? I can’t remember at all.  I’ve never thought that I had the face for short hair.  I really never felt confident enough to pull it off.  So, on Saturday while walking around the mall I decided to stop in at Master Cuts and do the chop.  I had mentioned it to my friends and they thought it was a good idea.  I did not know that I would just be able to do it but I sat in the chair and pretty soon…snip snip and it was all gone!! Holy…it was quick and painless but it’s an adjustment!!! I really do like it  but it is taking some time to get used to it.  Using much less shampoo and taking much less time to style in the morning.  However, I do need some styling tips…so if you have some – please do share!


Here I am during the process.  As you can see – I was a little bit nervous!!


Here I am after!!  The mandatory bathroom post-cut selfies and then one with my hat on!!  It looks so much healthier!!


Just to give you a little perspective on the before and after!! Total Flapper vibes on the left!!

Another change I’m dealing with this week – is an injury!! Yes…after 8 months of running – I got an injury.  I’m bummed, but it is a lot better than it could be. Last week I was running the Cross Country course at my school.  I had forgotten my regular running shoes – frankly, I’m lucky I make it out of the house dressed in the mornings!  So, I was wearing older sneakers that aren’t “running” sneakers.  While running up one of the more challenging hills – I felt what I thought was a shin splint.  After the run – my right shin was really in pain.  Over the course of the next few days I still had pain and just kept on chugging along.  This is one of my biggest problems – I DO NOT KNOW HOW TO REST.  Needles to say by Friday my leg looked like this:


Swollen and puffy on the right side – check out that bulging ankle.  Also – I am obsessed with these fleece PJ pants from Old Navy – I hope Santa brings me 2 more pairs!!

I was limbing and in pain…but still not resting.  It’s not that I don’t know how to rest – it’s that I’m scared to.  I’m scared to lose my motivation and I’m scared to re-gain.  The rational person in my knows that missing a few days of running does NOT mean I will re-grain 125 pounds.  The irrational person in me – who has lost and gained tons of weight over the years – fears it and fears it BAD!!  I finally gave in and saw my doctor today.  I am relieved to find out that he didn’t think it was fractured.  He did however wrap it in a compression wrap and tell me to ice it 3 times a day.  He also told me – no impact exercise only for about 2-3 weeks.  Basically this means no running!! I have been using the elliptical and although I am NOT in love with it – it is something I can do.  Of course we’ve been having beautiful warm and breezy running weather and over the next 3 weeks I will miss the final opportunities to be outside before the real crappy weather starts.


Here you’ll see a cute little man – turning 3 on Saturday, my crazy pooch, and my compressed leg!! Good grief – it could be worse!!

BUT – I need to do no impact stuff so that I don’t frig it up any more that it is already is.  I need to take care of myself!!  I won’t “rest” as much as I need to – but I will ice and hit the machine and still be motivated!!  Today I got myself a really good book – Jennifer Weiner’s Hungry Heart – which I’ve been dying to read and got on board the elliptical at my school’s gym.  About 40 minutes later my workout was done, I was sweaty and it felt good!  As Mrs. Weiner says in her book – “You fall down.  You get hurt.  You get up again.”

Sometimes change is good and although I’m not in love it…I will embrace it and keep on going!!!

Thanks for stopping in and checking me out!!! See you on Thursday!


4 thoughts on “A little change…

  1. Bonnie says:

    I love, love your hair! You look sophisticated and polished. Sorry to hear about the injury. Maybe you can spend more time in the pool to make up for not running. I just finished a book that reminded me of you and I recommend it to you. It’s called “Swimming To Antarctica”, by Lynne Cox. You may already know her story. She’s a long-distance, cold water swimmer who swam the English Channel at age 15! Her determination is what made me think of you. I used to swim competitively and am trying to psych myself up enough to get back in the pool. I would give you the book, but I borrowed it from a friend.

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