Product Pop-Up!!!

Friends…I don’t know about you – but I LOVE PICKLES.  I really always have since I was a kid.  My mom used to let us get the big pickle out of the barrel at the grocery store and we’d walk around the store eating our pickles.  I always went for the super sour ones!!  They don’t do that anymore – the big barrel’s of pickles.  I’m sure it’s a health violation of some sort now.  Hey, I survived eating giant pickles out of barrels…bring that back!!!

I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to enjoy pickles after surgery.  Sometimes things change after surgery.  Foods that you lived for before – you can barely look at after.  Things that never settled well before – are great go-to foods now.  I was happy to find out that pickles were still a go for me!!  I use pickles now to take the place of a carb crunch – like crackers or croutons.  I eat pickles everyday with my lunch.  While roaming the aisles of Target – I found these beauties: Oh Snap! Dilly and Hottie Bites.


Oh Snap! Dill and Hottie Bites.  I also found their Cool Beans – which are pickled green beans – good eats, friends!!!

I’ve been enjoying these guys for a couple of months now.  They come in a convenient pouch that makes carrying them around in my lunch box easy.  I only eat two pickle bites per lunch – so one pouch lasts me just about a school week.  If I was not a bariatric patient – I could easily finish a pouch a day!  I really like the pickle.  It has a great crunch and the pickling spice is not over powering.  I also like the Hottie Bites – as they add a little zing to my lunch!! This weekend, I also picked up their Dilly Beans – WOW – those are good!!  My Target does not carry their pickled carrots – but I would love to try them.

These pickles are also affordable.  At 79 cents a bag – I have no problem eating picking these babies up off the shelf!!  As far as nutrition is concerned – you’re looking at: one serving – which is about 3 pickle slices – 0 calories, 0 fat g., and 0 carbs.  These are good stats for me.  My husband is quick to remind me that the sodium is a little high – but – for one serving a day, I’m OK with that.

For more information about Oh Snap! Pickles you can check out their web site here.  For now, I can only get them in Target – but maybe if we all run down to the Hannaford and ask – we can get them locally!!

As always, I am not sponsored by Oh Snap! Nor was I asked to to write up this review – I just seriously have a love for pickles and want to share that with you!!  Check out these pickles and you’ll love them too!!! Thanks for stopping in and have an awesome night!!!



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