Hitting the Weights – Locally!!

In October and November goals, I listed that I wanted to add strength training to my workout routine.  When I went to my 9 month follow up appointment with my nutritionist Val (I love Val) she mentioned that this was a good time to start building muscle.  She wasn’t super concerned – however, when you lose a lot of weight in a short period of time – you can lose muscle mass.  After doing a little research I found that building lean muscle helps you maintain and boost your metabolism – BINGO – I’m sold.  As much as I love running and other cardio…I do need to get serious about strength training.  So – I took the plunge and made an appointment with a personal trainer.  Today’s I am featuring another local business that I am super excited about – Fitzy’s Fitness and Sports Training in Jonesboro, Maine!!

Fitzy’s Fitness is owned and operated by Chad Fitzsimmons.  I’ve known Chad for about 10 years.  In fact, he was my mentor and department head when he worked at Washington Academy.  He currently is the Assistant Principal at Rose M Gaffney School in Machias.  Because I’ve known Chad and his family for quite a while – this was not an intimidating experience for me.  I’ve often heard people say that they don’t like to workout at a gym because everyone there is throwing weights around, grunting, and that it is all around scary.  Chad’s home gym is very private and quiet.  You are there with him and no other spectators.  This allows you to ask all the questions that you need to and make as many mistakes as you need to. Chad teaches good form and sometimes that is not easy to attain – however – practice does make perfect.  Chad has been training people for about 10 years and he brings a lot of knowledge to the table.  He was very easy to talk to about my fears and concerns about lifting.  The gym is not much to look at – to be honest.  It is very basic – but at the same time – it has everything that you need to be successful.  At Fitzy’s Fitness and Sports Training less is more.


Chad Fitzsimmons of Fitzy’s Fitness and Sports Training at his home gym in Jonesboro, Maine!  

20161109_191757In the one hour session that I booked I received a total body workout that left me sore and feeling like I had really done something.  Chad’s goals for his clients is: using both personal training and strength and conditions techniques be able to get you in the best possible shape. The first thing we did is talk about what I was looking for in terms of both a trainer and the training session.  Chad knows that I’ve been running and wanted to put together a program for me that would allow me to add muscle through strength training and also keep me in shape for running.  I really appreciated that he listened to my needs and worked to create a program that would benefit my goals.  One thing that Chad promotes is progression.  Basically this means that you will be building week to week on the weight you are lifting and the number of reps that you are doing.  This works well for people like me – who are interested in strengthening my muscles but not really bulking up.

My workout consisted of 3 sets each of exercises that worked out all of my major muscle groups and my core.  In between sets Chad gave me a little bit of cardio to keep my heart rate up.

Here I am doing the dreaded squats!! For my first training session Chad me doing just your basic squats with no weights.  In order to get the proper form – he puts a chair behind you so that you know how deep to go!  3 sets of 10 of these babies and you will feel it in the morning.

Sticking to the full body workout idea – I did a couple sets of Ball Twists.  For this exercise you take the medicine ball and extend it above your head and then tap the opposite foot.  This helps your core.  I did 10 on each side.

I am not a huge fan of planks but they are really great for working your abs and your core muscles.  Chad had me doing 3 different types of planks – your traditional, and then a side plank on both the left and the right sides.  Good news – I was able to hold all three of these suckers for 1 minute each!!

This is from my second training session with Chad.  We increased the weights on most of my exercises.  Here I am doing Lat Pull downs.  One thing that I expressed as a concern is my loose skin on my arms.  This week we incorporated more exercises to work on that!!  Might you even glimpse a muscle in these pics!!!???


In my second session we also added weight to the dreaded squats…boo…but it actually felt good.  I’ll be doing some serious stretching this evening to make sure my hamstrings aren’t too sore tomorrow!!

Other exercises we did but are not pictured – hammer curls, goblet squats, mountain climbers, and skull crushers.  I really feel like I got a lot done in a hour.  Not to mention that the conversation was great!!

After my work out I had some time to chat with Chad about his training business.  Currently Chad is seeing about 10 different clients.  He says that most people seek out his services because they are gearing up for something big in their lives – like a wedding or maybe a vacation.  He likes to see people once a week and encourages people to do other exercises in between sessions.  Chad believes that variety is the spice of life.  We talked about how people naturally get tired of working out – that they get in a rut of doing the same thing.  Is it possible that I will get tired of running? Sure – I mean, it is bound to happen at some point.  To mix it up – Chad suggests adding different exercise classes or watching exercises videos like the popular P90X.  We decided that it would be a good idea for me to see him weekly and do strength training and then hit the classes or treadmill during the winter months.  When I can get back outside and hit the roads running I will cut back on the strength training and kick up the cardio.  I’m excited about this plan – I have goals and I am sure the Chad will help me achieve them!!


Coach Fitzsimmons on the sidelines of his son Mickey’s basketball team.

Another aspect of Fitzy’s Fitness and Sports Training is – obviously – the Sports Training.  Chad has been involved in coaching pretty much his whole life.  He stated that sports and coaching is in his blood.  His father – Charlie Fitzsimmons was a legendary Washington County coach and one of Chad’s hero’s.  Mr. Fitzsimmons ran the State 2 Mile Race for Lubec High School in 10:23….WOW!! He also coached basketball and worked with youth in Washington County for many years.  Chad defiantly got his love of sports from his father.  Together they watched and participated in sports.  They shared a love for the Yankees – which as a native New Yorker – is something that I can totally stand behind.


Chad and his dad Charlie Fitzsimmons at one of the best baseball parks in America – The Original Yankee Stadium – Bronx, New York.

Over the years, Chad has coached basketball, golf, tennis, and youth baseball.  Out of his passion for sports came the decision to start training the budding talented youth of Washington County.  He is currently training several young baseball and softball players.   Chad hits the nail on the head when he mentions that getting the kids started on proper training when they are younger is smart.  Kids are sponges…the younger you get them doing it right – the better their technique will be in the long run.  Teaching kids to be healthy is always good in my book!!

When Chad is not training his adult and youth clients he is playing sports with his own family.  Sports are a huge part of Chad and his wife Emily’s lives.  Together they are raising 4 children who are all very much involved in every sport coming down the pike.  Zaine is 14 and is an outstanding swimmer and baseball player.  Mickey is 9 years old and is fierce basketball and baseball player.  Casey is 4 and wrapped up his first season of T-Ball this past spring and is still talking about how much he loved it.  The clan is rounded off with Charley the 2 year old girl who is into everything that she can get into – especially chasing her big brothers around the bases and up and down the court. Emily who is a teacher as well as an amazing cook – also coaches softball at Machias Memorial High School.  As you can see the Fitzsimmons have a lot going on. Like my family – both Chad and Emily rely on each other to be able to get everything done. Over here in Terrill Town we say – “Team work makes the dream work.”


The Fitzsimmons Family – this was before baby girl Charlie made her debut!! 

I have already signed up for my third training session with Chad and I am looking forward to getting into over the winter months.  Chad’s gym and training sessions are private, professional, and he is so knowledgable that I feel totally comfortable.  I also feel that the training sessions are affordable.  Each session is $20.00 – if you buy 5 sessions, you get your 6th session for free.  This would really make a lovely holiday gift for someone you know that is looking to try something different and get some professional training.  To contact Chad – check out his Facebook page here or call 207-263-8066.  Chad does all that he can to get you to feel your best and pushes you to work hard.  I am so happy that we have this kind of service available locally right here in Down East Maine!!  I would highly recommend a session with Chad – you never know you might love it!!

As always – I am not sponsored by Fitzy’s Fitness and Sports Training.  I was not paid for this feature and in fact I’ve paid for all of my training sessions.  I just really believe in local businesses and I love this business..you will too if you check it out!!

I hope that you found something useful here and will pass it one to someone that might find it useful or interesting!!  If you have any comments, concerns, or questions – please feel free to reach out!!  Thank you for stopping in!!




3 thoughts on “Hitting the Weights – Locally!!

  1. Bonnie says:

    It’s great that you’re doing such a variety of physical things…running, swimming, Zumba, and the exercises and weights. You probably won’t get bored and slack off because you have so many interests. I’m delighted to hear that a session with Chad is only $20!! I’ll admit, when I saw that you were using a personal trainer, my immediate thought was, “That’s got to be at least $60 or $70 per session”. Now I have no excuse….! Good job Mathy!

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