Product Pop-Up!!

OH MY LAND YOU GUYS….This weekend – I told you, I went to the big busy city of Portland.  Since I live – literally – at the end of the earth in Machias…going to the big city of Portland is a treat on many levels.  First – I get to hit up the shops and stores that I don’t get to even in Bangor.  Second – the food.  THE FOOD GUYS, THE FOOD!! There are so many incredible food options.  You just have so many choices from  5 star dining to simple tacos – and it’s so fun to pick a place!!  I also love that I can go to Whole Foods which is one of my favorite places to buy good healthy foods.  Yes – it’s expensive, yah – it’s pretentious, yeah – a lot of the items they sell I can get at my own grocery store.  However – Whole Foods is an experience and I really like going there!!

The first thing I do when I get into Whole Foods is head right to the nut butter aisle and grind all the Honey Roasted Peanut Butter that I can carry!! I love the self-grinding station.  This time they had a chocolate-peanut butter option.  I did not indulge, just stuck with the honey roasted goodness!!

Next I check out the bulk food section because – NUTS (insert adolescent giggles)!! Either way you look at it – nuts are expensive.  I buy about 4 different kinds every week at the grocery store…believe me, it adds up.  I like the bulk food option because it is a little bit cheaper.  This past Saturday we were greeted in the bulk section by a representative from an amazing company – GrandyOats fresh out of Hiram, Maine.  Hiram is a tiny town in western Maine that is very near and dear to my heart as I spent many summers of my life there.  The woman – whose name I did not get – unfortunately, was so nice and very knowledgeable on all the GrandyOats products.  She answered all the annoying questions I had!

GrandyOats sells an incredible selection of granola, trail mix, roasted nuts, and hot cereals.  Their products are made in Maine and in small handmade batches.  The company does not use any products which contain GMO’s and are certified organic.  Another super cool thing about GrandyOats is that their facility is an old elementary school in Hiram and is 100% solar powered!!  How cool is that??!!  They are also the largest employer in Hiram and are very proud to be able to provide a livable wage to their employees.  As a person who has spent a lot of time in Hiram…I can tell you that community needed GrandyOats!!!

SO now on to the products I purchased:

Roasted Nuts #1


Maple Walnut and Dried Cranberries


You are getting some delish bites with each handful of this treat!!

Above is their Organic Maple Roasted Walnuts with Cranberries.  I think that Walnuts are my favorite nuts.  They are so tasty and pack many healthy benefits.  Add maple and cranberries and I was completely hooked.  I’m usually skeptical to pick up anything with “extras” like Maple because of the added sugars…but this treat is very reasonable nutritionally.  For 3 tablespoons you are looking at 123 calories, 6g of carbs, and 2.8g of protein – I’m IN!!

Roasted Nuts #2


These nuts are exquisite and so pretty in my little Pyrex bowl!!


Turmeric and Cashews…seriously, what could possibly go wrong?!!?

These little beauties are GrandyOats Organic Curry Roasted Cashews and I am seriously in love!! They have all my favorite spices including: turmeric, coriander, paprika, cardamom, nutmeg, and many more.  These are roasted to perfection and are the perfect savory snack – I have been putting them on my afternoon cottage cheese – WOW WOW WOW!!  For 3 tablespoons you got 160 calories, 8g of carbs, and 5g of protein.  Again, this is a total go to snack for me this week!!

If I were you – I would totally check out their webpage.  They have lots of amazing options and they will ship whatever it is that you order right to your door!!  This is great since I only get to Whole Foods once or twice a year!  I find the prices to be affordable – when I consider how much I am paying for grocery store brand nuts – this is a much better quality product and I totally support anything coming out of Hiram, Maine!!

Again, as always – I am not in any way sponsored by GrandyOats.  I am simply sharing because I am pumped about these nuts and I think you will be too!! You will not regret checking them out…I promise!! Please spread the word – local, healthy, and awesome!!


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