November Goals…


Well…here we are already in November!! It’s crazy how fast this school year is flying by.  I have set some goals for myself for the month of November and wanted to share them with you!! I really liked putting my short term goals down for October and found them motivating.  I will be honest – I did not follow them to the T – but I will applaud myself for staying on track and trying to be my best self.

I have a couple things to focus on for the month of November.  Some of them are a continuation of October’s goals.  For example I want to keep up with 4 jars of water a day for the month.  I did not complete this every day in October – however – I could definitely feel a difference on the days that I was able to. Sixteen cups of water is a lot for one day – but I need to keep on top of my fluids.  One of my biggest worries is getting dehydrated and passing out or even worse.  Sticking with increasing my water intake is a smart goal for me to have!  I am also going to continue on my trek to walk 10,000 steps a day – 6 days a week.  This has really helped me to keep moving – especially on the weekends when I tend to loaf around.

My third goal is related to my Fitbit.  I love love love my Fitbit and I am so happy with my HRCharge.  I feel like it has really helped me to stay motivated and kept me moving even when I wanted to stop.  I know that there are many articles out there that dispute the validity and accuracy of these devices.  I do not take the information that it gives me – miles, calories, steps, etc. as law.  I use it to stay on track and keep myself accountable.  One feature that the HRCharge has that I really like is it calculates if you take 250 steps an hour between the hours of 9am to 5pm – basically while you are at work.  I love this because, as a teacher it keeps me on my feet during my work day.   I really do not sit too often through out the day – my students keep me on my feet.  However, now I’m trying to move even more and take the opportunity to get my steps in when I can.  I feel really accomplished when I hit that 9 hour goal!!

This month I am looking forward to switching up my workouts.  I do not want to admit it, but it is getting colder outside and soon the snow, sleet, and mess will be flying.  I will not be able to to hit the roads and go for a good run.  I hate the treadmill – but I use it when I have to.  I booked a training session this week with a local trainer and I am excited to try it out.  I also have a three week period of time between football and basketball seasons.  My hubby coaches both – which means I have limited time for fitness classes.  I’m really looking forward getting back to my kickboxing and Zumba classes – at least for a little while!!  Variety in workouts, I believe, will keep me from getting bored and help with building muscle – which my nutritionist suggested at my 9 month check up!

Lastly – as I am in the maintenance phase of my journey – I do not need to focus too much about the number on the scale.  I mean, I don’t want it to go up – but it’s OK if it does a little bit here and there.  When you are in the zone of losing weight – it’s fun to step on the scale and see results.  With maintenance – you want the scale to stay put – therefore, there is no reason it get on it multiple times a week.  I will start only weighing myself on Friday’s.  I would love to get to a place where the number on the scale is not important and just go with how I am feeling – but that is something that I am working on.  Weighing in once a week will be a good start.

Really looking forward to November – there is a lot going on with family, friends, and holidays!!  I hope that you will stick with my blog as I have a lot of good stuff to post this month!!  Please feel free to comment or send me a message if there is something that you would like to see!!


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