Product Pop-Up!!

***Trying something new!!  When I find a product that I love – I’m going to post a Product Pop-up!!  I want to share these little gems with you.  I love to try new things and sometimes they are great and other times….not so much!!  So, stay tuned for some new products here and there.  Also, remember – I’m not sponsored by any of these companies….just sharing the love!!***


Our first Product Pop-Up are these two stevia based flavor enhancers for your water or whatever beverages you want to jazz up.  I have no problem drinking just plain old water.  I also love to throw a lemon or some lemon juice in my water bottle for an extra kick.  I try to avoid aspartame and sucralose products because I am almost quite certain that they are not good for you.  Also, I don’t particularly enjoy the after taste associated with those kinds of products.  I found these at the great shop in Bangor called the Natural Living Center – I also did a little research and they can be found on Amazon.


The first water enhancer is SweetLeaf brand Water Drops in the Lemon Lime flavor.  I had never heard of the brand before so I had zero expectations.  I was so pleasantly surprised!! It was delicious and there was no after taste – this is a huge selling point for me.  My water bottle holds 4 cups of water – so I need a couple squirts to get the flavor right.  I also like that is is clear and has no dye.  Even though I put the flavoring in, I still stick with my lemon….I have a thing for lemon!!  The bottle was $3.99 at the Natural Living Center.  I would agree with anyone that said this was expensive.  However, this is about an average price for these water enhancers with the major brands – Dasani and Crystal Light also being over three dollars.  The next time I head to the big city – I will definitely pick up some of the other flavors and give them a try!!


As it turns out – our second product is from the same company as the first – SweetLeaf.  I picked up their other stevia based natural sweetener called Sweet Drops. Out of the available flavors – I chose caramel.  I wasn’t sure at first what I was going to do with these drops but after thinking about it – I decided coffee was the answer.  I sometimes treat myself to an ice coffee from Dunks on the way to work.  I love the pumpkin spice but there is so much sugar in it and sometimes it is just too sweet.  I usually just order a small coffee with skim milk and add my own stevia when I get home.  I tried it with the caramel drops and WOW – it was really really good.  The caramel flavoring does not taste fake – it actually taste like rich, buttery caramel.  I actually prefer this to the Dunks Flavor Shots.  Since this product has no calories or carbs – I feel like it is the perfect guilt free treat in my coffee treat!!

SO…that’s my first Product-Pop up…stay tuned as I have some more products to share with you.  I’m off to chaperon a high school Halloween dance – I hope you all have a great weekend!!





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