October Goals…


Something that I thought would be helpful for me is to set goals for the month.  I know I’m a couple days let…but I did make this list on Saturday – so I call it fair game!

For the month of October, I have a couple things I want to focus on.  Since I am moving – slowly – into the maintenance phase of my weight loss journey I am realizing that it’s OK to slow down a little bit too.  I have changed my exercise routine a little bit and I’m happy with the results so far.  I have been running 3 days a week and taking my dog for a long walk on the other days.  This has been going well.  I’ve also been adding 1 or 2 Zumba classes a week – which I’m happy to get back to. What I need to do is add some strength training….I don’t have a plan for this yet – but I really need to get it in some how.  I am taking any suggestions on how to do this!!

At my 9 month check up appointment I discovered that I was low on fluids.  My nutritionist said my numbers were not low enough to be dehydrated – but that I would want to increase my water intake.  I am learning that hydration is a major key to both weight loss and maintenance.  Also, it’s key to being healthy…I don’t need to be passing out and having to be hooked up to IV’s!!  I carry around a 4 cup mason jar with an awesome sippy cup top.  Drinking 4 of these a day would put me in a good place.  Drinking water seems like an easy task….but it’s harder than it seems.  I’m running around busy at work and home that I sometimes I forget.  Hoping to make a better effort this month!!

I’m easing off the shopping this month and I’m feeling good about it.  I bought a lot of clothes this summer.  Most of them will work for fall.  I did get a couple sweaters and some long pants for the colder weather.  I really don’t need anything and it would be nice to 1) see if I can do it and 2) save some money for a real winter coat that doesn’t make me look and feel like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man.

I have a lot of fun stuff planned for my little blog this month -Lots of food, recipies, interviews with local fashionistas, and so much more!!  I hope you will stay tuned!! Please feel free to comment or send me a message if there is something you want to see


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